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Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Rose on a Red Field Quest Guide


Witcher 3: Hearts of Stone – Rose on a Red Field Quest Guide

Vengeance is due.

The Witcher 3’s first major expansion, Hearts of Stone, introduces an entire new story, new enemies, new weapons, and new side quests for players to embark on. One of the early side quests is given to Geralt shortly after meeting the character Olgierd von Everec (a man who plays a large role in Hearts of Stone) by one of his subordinates.

The woman, who refers to Geralt of Rivia as Puss Peepers, tasks our white maned hero with tracking down the killer of her friend, a man named Kluivert. No other details other than a starting location for your investigation are provided. Thus, your journey to Bowdon and the bottom of this mystery begins.

Upon arriving in Bowdon, you will have to deal with a large group of Ghouls. They are quick and powerful, but not too difficult to kill. Take these beasts down and search the house to the right of where you entered the small village. You will find evidence of illicit drugs being cooked, a note, and footsteps leading out of the window and to the back of the house.

hearts of stone

Follow the footsteps to find Kluivert’s corpse and even more clues that will lead to both the spot where the murderer stood and, in turn, to a sort of camp where Geralt can gather more intel.

At the next location will be a group of knights from the Order of the Flaming Rose. This dissolved order is responsible for the crimes in the area ever since they switched to more nefarious activities, since protecting the innocent no longer suited them. This is a tough fight, but you’ll have plenty of wiggle room. Target the archers first, then pick off the rest as you see fit.

After your victory (because you will most certainly win) search for the knight’s orders to uncover the location of their secret hideout. It is here that you will face their Grand Master to put a stop to their activities in the area and fully avenge Kluivert’s death.

Enter the small cavern and beware of the poisonous, and highly flammable, fumes to the sides of the small walkway within the area. Towards the back is a small area with an upper walkway where several guards and the Grand Master await. Complete the conversation and prepare for battle.

hearts of stone

Although the Order of the Flaming Rose does indeed consist of humans, they are not to be trifled with. It seems as if the team over at CD Projekt Red upped the offensive capabilities of the human enemies in Hearts of Stone, so this encounter will prove to be challenging. You’ll want to use Quen for the extra level of defense, and Igni since humans are vulnerable to burning.

Use the narrow nature of the hideout to your advantage, leading the enemies back and forth from the entrance to the back, all the while parrying and dishing out damage. By the walkway area, if you see enemies stumble into the fumes, be sure to quickly ignite them using Igni to cause a powerful explosion that will make your job much easier. Making this tactic better is that the fumes come back after a bit, allowing you to rinse and repeat.

Your biggest annoyance in the small space will be the shielded enemies. Igni’s alternate cast (where you can send out a continuous stream of fire) can actually destroy shields. But if you’d rather have Quen equipped just in case, rely on your parry skill to leave them open to attack.

After a few dances with the large group of enemies, you’ll emerge victorious. Just head back to the young woman who gave you the contract and you’re all done. A few difficult battles are nothing to a Witcher, right?

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