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Samurai Warriors 4-II Wiki: How to Get All Objectives


Samurai Warriors 4-II Wiki: How to Get All Objectives

Here are all of the things you have to complete in each stage!

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Clash of Wills


Battle of Nagashino

  1. The Gates of Hell – Defeat Masada Saegusa, defending the Mt. Tobigasu Garrison West Gate
  2. Capture Mt. Tobigasu – Work with Tadatsugu Sakai to defeat Nobuzane Kawakubo and Muneyasu Nawa at Mt. Tobigasu Garrison
  3. Fall of the Red-Clad Warriors – Defeat Masakage Yamagata and Nobusada Obata
  4. An Enemy Unaware – Defeat Yokimura Sanada, Nobutsuna Sanada, and Masateru Sanada
  5. Resolve of the Troops – Defeat the Enemy Troops in order to protect the Oda Main Camp
  6. Last Stand – Defeat Noboyuki Sanada, Nobufusa Baba, and Masatoyo Naito before the allied officers are defeated
  7. Nagashino Castle Rescue – Help the Defense of Nagashino Castle by defeating Kunoichi
  8. Sakon’s Clever Scheme – Defeat Sakon Shima before he enters Nobumasa Okudaira’s Storehouse
  9. Avenging Masakage – Defeat Masatsugu Yamagata and Mitsuie Shimura
  10. Decline of the Takeda – Prevent Nobukimi Anayama, Nobukado Takeda, and Nobutoyo Takeda from reaching the Retreat Point

The Tensho-Jingo Conflict

  1. Cooperation Secured – Defeat Ujikuni Hojo and Kuninori Inomata so that the Tokugawa Army and the Uesugi Army can rendezvous.
  2. The Young and the Reckless – Defeat Ujifusa Hojo and his allies before the allied officers are defeated.
  3. The Hojo Pincer Attack – Prevent Lady Hayakawa and her allies from infiltrating Tsutsujigasaki Manor.
  4. Triple Play – Defeat Ujiyasu Hojo, Ujimasa Hojo and Ujinao Hojo.
  5. An End to Sorrow – Defeat Yoshiyori Satomi and Norihide Matsuda.
  6. The Shadows Instigate – Defeat Kotaro Fuma, Yoritada Suwa and Yoshimasa Kiso.
  7. Distress – Ensure the Naomasa Ii defeats Nobuyuki Sanada.
  8. Attack of the Sanada – Defeat Yoritsuna Yazawa and Yoriyasu Yazawa.
  9. The Hojo Strike – Prevent Ujinaga Narita and Mototada Tame from infiltrating Shinpu Castle and the Uesugi Main Camp.

Battle of Komaki-Nagakute

  1. Assault Plans Foiled – Defeat Tsuneoki Ikeda, Nagayoshi Mori and Terumasa Ikeda before Yasumasa Sakakibara and his allies are defeated.
  2. Push Onward – Defeat Mitsunari Ishida.
  3. Nobakatsu Fished Out – Defeat Kiyomasa Kato and his allies, and prevent Nobukatsu Oda form being defeated.
  4. A New Conviction – Defeat Sakon Shima in order to break through the Gakuden Southwestern Garrison.
  5. A Blossoming Trust – Defeat Mitsunari Ishida and Yoshitsugu Otani, who are defending Gakuden Castle.
  6. Push Back – Defeat Tadaoki Hosokawa and Yasuharu Wakisaka, and prevent Ujishige Niwa from being defeated.
  7. Bullets Block the Advance – Defeat the Rifle Captains in the center of the battlefield.
  8. Disquieting Times – Defeat Yoshitsugu Otani.
  9. Exploiting the Breach – Prevent Hidenaga Hashiba and Ujisato Gamo from infiltrating Mt. Komaki Castle.
  10. Commitment – Win the battle without any allied officers being defeated.

Conquest of Odawara

  1. Into the Secondary Ward – Defeat Ujinori Hojo in order to rendezvous with the allied officers in the Secondary Ward.
  2. The Bear Princess at the Secondary Ward – Defeat Kai, Ujinaga Narita and Yoshitake Mibu.
  3. Descent into Chaos – Defeat Kotaro Fuma.
  4. The Main Keep – Defeat Lady Hayakawa and her allies.
  5. Holding the Line – Defeat Ujikuni Hojo and his allies in order to prevent the allied officers from being defeated.
  6. Clearing the Teritary Ward – Defeat the enemy troops in the Tertiary Ward.
  7. Temporary Castle Defense – Prevent Ujifusa Hojo and Naoshige Chiba from entering the castle.
  8. Easily Exploited – Work with Norihide Matsuda and Masataka Kasahara, and defeat Sadakatsu Yamakado and Masayo Ito.
  9. The Popular Hojo – Ensure that Naomasa Ii prevents the Peasants from approaching Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Battle of Sekigahara

  1. Let the Battle Commence – Defeat Toyohisa Shimazu and his allies to claim victory in this early skirmish.
  2. Mitsunari Surpassed – Defeat Sakon Shima in order to capture the northern battlefield.
  3. Restless – Prevent Morimasa Ito and his allies from infiltrating the Eastern Garrison.
  4. Secret Plan – Defeat Yoshitsugu Otani and his allies, and prevent Kazumasa Ikoma, Sadaharu Okudaira and Nagachika Kanamori from being defeated.
  5. Weak Spot – Defeat Yoshiharu Otani and Masaie Natsuka.
  6. The Devil Shimazu Strikes – Defeat Toyohisa Shimazu and his allies, and prevent Yoshihiro Shimazu from reaching the Retreat Point.
  7. Ii, the Red Devil – Ensure the Naomasa Ii defeats the enemy officers before anyone else can.
  8. Battle at the Northeastern Garrison – Work with Katsutoyo Yamauchi and Yoshimasa Tanaka, and defeat Yukihiro Ujiie and Morichika Chosokabe.
  9. The Favorite – Work with Yoshinaga Asano and Terumasa Ikeda, and defeat Moritaka Hotta, Masahiro Saimura and Nobukane Oda.
  10. Ready to Die – Defeat Sakon Shima and his allies.
  11. Destiny – Ensure the Naomasa Ii defeats Toyohisa Shimazu.
  12. Dream Duo – Ensure that Naomasa Ii and Tadakatsu Honda defeat Mitsunari Ishida with a Multi Musou Attack.
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