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Destiny’s Old Subclasses Could Really Use These Fixes


Destiny’s Old Subclasses Could Really Use These Fixes

Make the Bladedancer relevant again. Please.


Overall, all of the three new subclasses added in Destiny: The Taken King are awesome. Nightstalker, Stormcaller, and Subreaker all have their uses in both PvE and PvP Crucible content. What’s best about them is that they all have really imaginative perks and abilities that reward strategic play such as Sunbreaker’s Sunspots and the Stormcaller’s Electrostatic Mind.

The only problem is that Bungie did such a great job with these three new subclasses that they kind of make the other subclasses feel a little obsolete and dated. Some more than others for sure, but some of vanilla Destiny’s subclasses could use some touching up.

So let’s give them a makeover! We have a wish list of what new abilities or perks we want to see added to the original subclasses, particularly for PvE content. Some of them, likeDefender who topped our list of the best PvE subclasses in TTK Year Two content, are just small tweaks. Other subclasses, like the Striker, really could use the help, as the Sunbreaker outclasses it in many ways. So without further ado here is how we would fix the old Destiny subclasses starting with the ones that need the most help.

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