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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Finally Settles Team Jacob vs. Team Edward


Assassin’s Creed Syndicate Finally Settles Team Jacob vs. Team Edward

It’s done.

Since the dawn of time, humanity has struggled with the most gripping of questions: Jacob or Edward? Finally, thanks to Assassin’s Creed, we have an answer to this haunting conundrum.

This is Edward Kenway.

edward kenway assassin's creed black flag

He’s your run of the mill pirate assassin. He left his wife and old life behind to follow his dreams of sailing the high seas. Armed with a blade and old timey gun, he led his own ship with his own pirate crew to victory in stopping the templars. He wasn’t born into the Assassins, but he proved his worth and became a master over time. Eventually, he fathered Haytham, the Templar from Assassin’s Creed III.

This is Jacob Frye.

jacob frye assassin's creed syndicate

Jacob’s the younger twin brother of Evie and as an assassin twin duo, they’re London’s last hope against the Templar menace. Jacob was born and raised in the Assassin brotherhood, so there’s no “I never asked for this” drama or origin story to sit through yet again. We’re thrust right into the action with the Frye twins disobeying orders and hopping on a train to London to save the world. Unlike Edward, Jacob didn’t leave his family behind, in fact, he brought her with him. And as opposed to pirates, he led a whole gang in the streets of London called The Rooks.

So far we have plenty of reasons why Jacob is obviously better than Edward, let’s recap:

  • He didn’t abandon his family for selfish pursuits.
  • He was born an assassin.
  • He didn’t give birth to a templar.
  • Look at his fabulous coat.
  • He’s fun and witty.
  • He can straight up wear Edward’s outfit to add insult to injury.

It’s abundantly clear that this is how we were meant to settle the timeless debate of Edward versus Jacob. This is it, everyone. Jacob is the winner. Jacob is life. Jacob is everything.

Even if he wears a stupid top hat.

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