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All of Destiny’s Halloween Event Quests and Rewards


All of Destiny’s Halloween Event Quests and Rewards

Salted Engrams are Guardian Tears.

Sweet Memories
Destiny TTK

Bungie launched Destiny: The Taken King’s Halloween Event — the Festival of the Lost, and there’s plenty of quests to go along with it.

The first quest you’ll receive from the master of Shaders and Emblems, Eva Levante. Here, she will give you the event’s introductory quest called “Happy Festival of the Lost” which will explain the event to your Guardian.

After the pleasantries, she will hand you the next quest “Sweet Memories.” You’re then tasked with going Trick-or-Treating around the Tower. She will give you an “Empty Candy Satchel” that will allow you to collect the sugary goodness. Yes, seriously.

For the “Sweet Memories” mission, you’ll have to talk to almost every NPC character at the Tower. That means you’ll speak to the Speaker, Eris Morn, Lord Shaxx, Ikora Rey, Cayde-6, Commander Zavala and the sigh-inducing Cryptarch.

After your Trick-or-Treat session is done, you’ll talk to Eva to turn in your candy satchel. Now that it’s all said and done, she will finally hand you your reward — “Gifts of the Lost.” It’s a legendary item that guarantees a Random Rare Mask, Random Festival Candy and all sorts of random goodies. The bag also has a chance to contain a Jackolyte or Flight of Shadows. These made an appearance last year. A Jackolyte makes a pumpkin appear on your head for half an hour or so, and the Flight of Shadows changes the appearance of your respawn.

Last year, players wearing a Jackolyte head could buy a secret weapon from Xur on Halloween day. Who knows what’s in store this year, but these two bonus items may be the key.

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