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15 Game Heroes That Would Make a Great Doctor on Doctor Who


15 Game Heroes That Would Make a Great Doctor on Doctor Who

Mario already has Doctor on his resume. Just sayin’.

Vincent Valentine

Vincent Valentine, FFVII

Does it get much more mysterious and badass than Vincent Valentine of Final Fantasy VII? He’s got the attitude and the good looks to be the next Doctor. While he rides along the reserved and quiet hero side, Vincent could certainly stand the test of time.

Master Chief

master chief halo xbox one microsoft

Accustomed to traveling to all sorts of planets, Master Chief would fit in well to play the Doctor. He might be silent, but that is a indicator of his strength. He blends in well with the world around him, and could be a fantastic weapon against the dangers and threats that face the threads of time.

Sly Cooper


Sly Cooper is a classic Robin Hood, and his heritage of master thieves is critical to consider for his audition for next season’s Doctor. But thief is a strong word, since he only targets criminals. Sly’s vocation is to set balance in the world, and with the tradition of his long-running family, he can adapt to the times before him.

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