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The Top 6 Best Indies Found in PAX Prime 2015


The Top 6 Best Indies Found in PAX Prime 2015

So many gems!

Enter the Gungeon

PAX Prime 2015 had a lot of interesting games out on the show floor for attendees to get their hands on, and many of them were shooters. But few had the speed and sheer insanity of Enter the Gungeon. Here is a game that is built around the joy of shooting different weapons in the hopes of obtaining more of them to shoot. That may not sound all that incredible, but once your hands touch the controller (or mouse and keyboard, if that’s more your thing), there is a sense of joy that washes over you as you roll, shoot, dodge, and otherwise own your adversaries in a stylish hail of bullets, beams, orbs, and explosions.

Heavily inspired by The Binding of Isaac, Enter the Gungeon is a rogue-like dungeon crawler that sends players in pursuit of the ultimate weapon: a gun that can kill the past. There are multiple playable characters with their own stories and boss fights. A few of them are unlockable through play, with one being super difficult to make available but the developers just couldn’t resist putting that character into the game. Hundreds of different guns and abilities make up the action as players take on the Cult of the Gundead (they are walking bullets that shoot at you, really deep stuff) and work their way through the labyrinth.

The sheer amount of action on screen, and the constant joy of power and being ever so close to a brutal demise made Enter the Gungeon one of the most pleasant indie experiences at PAX Prime 2015. If you would like to find out more about this amazing little gem make sure to check out the game’s official site.

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