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Destiny: TTK Guide – How to Get the Touch of Malice Exotic


Destiny: TTK Guide – How to Get the Touch of Malice Exotic

“Let them feel every lash, every curse, every touch of malice that they first dealt to me.” – Eris Morn

Destiny: The Taken King has managed to turn the game on its head by switching up the gameplay in tons of pleasant ways, as well as introducing some interesting new items and weapons. One of these is the Touch of Malice scout rifle, a weapon that was completely unknown about until the arrival of the King’s Fall raid. Here is a weapon that proves to be one of the more interesting new weapons in Destiny, and one that will require quite a bit of effort from guardians looking to obtain it.

The Touch of Malice introduces two very intriguing exotic perks to the fold. Touch of Malice (the gun’s primary perk) turns the final round in the magazine to a more powerful, regenerating one. The catch is that it drains the player’s health with each shot. Touch of Mercy, on the other hand, heals the player with a substantial amount of health after three rapid kills with the weapon, making the Touch of Malice a weapon about balance and precision. It doesn’t have the greatest stability (some serious recoil is to be felt by those wielding this weapon) but it is a powerful option for those looking to wreak havoc in PvE (and PvP, for more skilled players).

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