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Destiny: TTK Guide – How to Beat the King’s Fall Raid


Destiny: TTK Guide – How to Beat the King’s Fall Raid

The king shall fall and all will rejoice.

Team Composition & Weapons

While a team of any combination of Guardians can be successful, provided everyone has enough skill, some combinations are arguably more beneficial than others. This is especially true when dealing with a challenge as difficult as the King’s Fall raid in Destiny: The Taken King. There are nine subclasses (three per Guardian Class), so picking can be a problem sometimes, but we’ve narrowed down the best composition for you.

A strong team build includes:

  • At least one Defender Titan (these guys are never useless). The Ward of Dawn is extremely useful during the three boss fights. They can mitigate the damage from additional enemies (adds), and the Blessing of Light perk helps keep the team alive. Weapons of Light is also extremely useful later on in the King’s Fall raid.
  • Two Nightstalkers are a great boon to any fireteam. The Hunter’s new subclass is perfect for crowd control. Shadow Shot is critical in keeping hordes manageable and generating valuable Orbs of Light. The Smoke Grenade is perfect for getting out of tight spots, and the Agility normally afforded to Hunters, will prove useful during the more motion oriented sections of the raid.
  • When it comes to Warlocks, if you are confident in your ability to stay alive, I’d go with the Stormcaller or Voidwalker. The Sunsinger is still very useful for those second chances, but it can’t match the damage output of the other two subclasses. The Stormcaller also benefits off of having teammates around, bolstering its recharge rates and making it a serious controller of the battlefield.
  • A Sunbreaker is also useful for the team composition, since they have the ability to burn enemy shields and make the job of killing them easier for themselves and their allies.

Once you have your team situated, you’ll want to pick some weapons. Naturally, you should always bring what you’re most comfortable with, since that will help you out when things get hectic (which they will). I’d suggest going with weapons with a higher fire rate and reload speed. There are a few sections where you have to do a lot of damage within a very short period of time, so anything too slow will prove to be a detriment. Swords are powerful, but useless against Oryx himself, so make sure to bring a backup heavy weapon if you plan on taking the Conan approach for the other parts of the raid.

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