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Until Dawn Guide: How to Kill Everyone and Get the Worst Ending


Until Dawn Guide: How to Kill Everyone and Get the Worst Ending

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Until Dawn, PSVR, cinematic mode

Until Dawn throws many situations that could lead to the death of your characters in this choose your own adventure. Endings will change based upon this, so if you’re looking for the “Worst” ending where everyone dies before dawn, you’re going to want to make specific choices in certain episodes and totally fail the QTE prompts. Spoilers ahead!


Until Dawn, IP, new, 2015

In Episode 9, while Ashley is catching up with the group in the sewers, she has the option to investigate a noise she heard. Be stupid and go check it out alone. Open the thumping latch and Ashley will lose her head instantly.


Until Dawn, IP, new, 2015

In Episode 8, while Chris is running from the Wendigos, fail to shoot any of them to get wrecked by one. But if you’re in the mood to see some betrayal and drama, go back to Episode 6 and choose to shoot Ashley when faced with the option in the SAW-like game. She’ll remember and even if you manage to fight off the Wendigos in Episode 8, she’ll lock you outside to become a feast.



In Episode 8, fail the QTEs while escaping the Wendigo and she’ll die. If you want to go the dramatic route, let the Wendigo bite her, and once she’s back in the basement with the group and Mike pulls the gun out on her, let him take the shot. She’ll be killed and you’ll all find out bites don’t actually turn you into a Wendigo. Woops.



In Episode 4, when Mike is trying to save the dragged away Jessica, just make sure to fail every QTE so he doesn’t reach her in time. If, somehow, she is alive again in Episode 10, don’t try to hide from the Wendigo and watch this mean girl get slaughtered.


Until Dawn™_20150824054911

Josh can only survive if you’ve found all of The Twins clues. So, if you want him out of the picture, just don’t collect them and his head will get smashed in by a familiar Wendigo in Episode 10.


Until Dawn™_20150822013906

In Episode 6, while you’re wading through the crowd of animals as Matt with Emily, attack them and fail the ensuing QTEs. Matt will fall off the ledge and all you need to do then is fail the QTE again to end this jock. If this doesn’t work out for you, once you have the option of saving Emily at the fallen radio tower, do it. He’ll fall and all you need to do is not use your flare gun if you have it to ensure he won’t survive the night.



Mike (like Sam), won’t be able to die until Episode 10. There’s a couple of ways this can happen; Sam could fail her QTEs and die or she can run for the light switch too early and cause the lodge to explode with Mike (and potentially others from the group) still inside. So, as Sam, just don’t wait for anyone to get out of the lodge and make a run for the light immediately.



Sam (like Mike), won’t be able to die until Episode 10. All you need to do to off Sam is fail the QTEs and get spotted by the crazy Wendigos.

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