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Until Dawn Guide – How to Find All the Mystery Man Clues


Until Dawn Guide – How to Find All the Mystery Man Clues

Do you know the Muffin Man? The Muffin Man? The Muffin Man.

As you explore through Until Dawn, you’re able to pick up clues at flashing points throughout an episode that may change the plot and provide you with a bit of backstory. The Mystery Man clues, in particular, will provide insight into who the psychopath terrorizing the group is.

Episode 1

Mystery Man Clue #1 Wanted Poster – As Sam walking around the cable car station with Chris, you’ll come across a flashing wanted poster hanging on the window.

Episode 2

Mystery Man Clue #4 Axe Holder – Walking as Chris with Josh towards the lodge, you’ll see a flash appear on the side of the lodge right before you enter through the window. Interact with it for the axe holder clue.

Mystery Man Clue #2 Newspaper Fragment – Once you’re inside the lodge as Chris holding the lighter, you’re going to want to keep to the left to go through a storage room of sorts to pick up the newspaper fragment here.

Mystery Man Clue #3 Answerphone Message – Make your way through the halls and head keep to the left of the screen, you’re going to be looking for a dining room where a flashing answering machine will be your next clue.

Mystery Man Clue #5 Cigar Stub – Playing as Mike, making his way to the cabin with Ashley, it’s hard to mix the cigar stub clue that’s going to be flashing on top of a barrel to your left as you walk through. Just leave no path unexplored.

Mystery Man Clue #6 Mystical Symbol – Right after getting the cigar stub, the mystical symbol clue will be straight ahead, flashing at the dead end.

Mystery Man Clue #8 Postcard – Playing as Sam, exit the bathroom and head to the right of the screen into a bedroom. Immediately to your left, on the nightstand by the bed, you’ll find a flashing postcard clue.

Episode 3

Mystery Man Clue #7 Native American Book – In the cabin as Mike, head to the left of the fireplace to see a Native American book flashing on a table.

Mystery Man Clue #10 Light From Below – Playing as Ashley, follow Chris down the stairs. When you enter a room with a flashing door, don’t approach that and go to the left where you can interact with a flash on the floor, instead.

Mystery Man Clue #9 Threatening Letter – When you’re forced to play as Chris and walk through the spooky concealed room, you can pick up one of The Twins clues with the flashing portrait photo. Turning it over then reveals the mystery man clue, threatening letter.

Mystery Man Clue #11 Native American Letter – Continue walking as Chris and you’ll eventually encounter the chance to go through a long hallway which will bring you to a flashing Native American letter on a table.

Episode 5

Mystery Man Clue #12 Cigar Box – Once in the Sanatorium as Mike, after being hassled by the dog, you can keep walking in and you’ll see the hard to miss flashing cigar box.

Mystery Man Clue #13 Clipping Wall – After getting the cigar box, head right and into the tiny, caged room to see a wall with various clippings all around.

Mystery Man Clue #16 Axe – As Matt wading through the snow with Emily, you’ll be able to pull a hard to miss flashing axe stabbed into a door.

Mystery Man Clue #14 Business Card – When you’re playing as Sam in the towel at the lodge, leave the bathroom and head down the stairs. Then, head to the right of the screen through the doors into a room where a flashing business card will be on an end table next to a plant.

Note: When Sam is being chased by the psycho, you need to make sure she gets away so that she can then get the rest of the Mystery Man clues in Episode 7. Hide in the elevator when you get the chance to.

Episode 6

Mystery Man Clue #19 Light Bulb Catalog – When you get control of Ashley, walk through the hall and turn right at the end to enter a room. Once in this room, turn right immediately to pick up a book on a table.

Mystery Man Clue #17 Hidden Camera – Once you get the light bulb catalog clue, head right towards the boxes you see. Interact to move them and reveal a hidden camera.

Mystery Man Clue #18 Faked Newspapers – Going through some decrepit halls with Chris as Ashley, you’ll turn left once hitting a path blocked by ladders. Then, to your right, you’ll find a space you can walk through and pick up a flashing newspaper.

Mystery Man Clue #20 Batteries and Timers – Following Chris through where you’re supposed to go, you’ll come across a very hard to miss flash that requires you to walk toward the bottom of the screen in order to reveal the next clue.

Mystery Man Clue #22 Photo of Friends – Once you’re in a big, decrepit room (still as Ashley), you’ll see a flash in the back on the wall that’s a bunch of photos of the group on a cork board.

Mystery Man Clue #21 Dead Pig – After getting the photo of friends clue, walk back towards the screen and explore the room until you see the dead pig clue.

Mystery Man Clue #23 Hooks and Chains – Right after the cutscene with the dead pig, you’ll see a flashing light directly ahead of you on the wall, where you can get the hooks and chains clue.

Episode 7

Mystery Man Clue #26 Death Machine Plans – When you get control of Sam, right after she gets out of the elevator shaft, head right to uncover some death machine plans flashing on a wall.

Mystery Man Clue #30 Psychiatric Report – After getting the death machine plans, head left and you’ll see a flashing report in a drawer of the table.

Mystery Man Clue #27 Josh’s Phone – After the psychiatric report, head towards the bottom of the screen a bit to see some flashing shelves where you’ll find Josh’s phone.

Mystery Man Clue #28 Remembrance Board – Okay, you can leave this area of the room and continue on through the back a bit. Head towards the flashing cardboard boxes in the back of the room.

Mystery Man Clue #29 Voice Recording – You can finally leave the room as Sam and head through the door. Follow the hall and ignore the flashing door in front of you and the stairs to your left. In that room in front of you, you’ll find a flashing voice recording on a table.

Mystery Man Clue #24 Video Camera – Now go back and go up the stairs. Ignore the flashing door in front of you and turn right when you get the chance to go down a hall. There will be some double doors to your right, flashing. Enter this room and interact with the flashing video camera and tripod.

Mystery Man Clue #25 Dummy in Sam’s Clothes – After getting the video camera in that room, hit the flashing dummy in Sam’s clothes right next to it.

There you have it, all of the Mystery Man clues! Congratulations on getting closer to finding out the truth.

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