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Everything We Learned About Scalebound at Gamescom 2015


Everything We Learned About Scalebound at Gamescom 2015

Let’s break down what we learned from that trailer.

The Main Character Is BFFs With a Dragon and Is Also Part Dragon

Update: We learned even more today about Scalebound, which you can read about here.

While a lot of us had a hunch of what to expect from Xbox One exclusive Scalebound since its announcement at E3 2014, at Gamescom 2015 we finally got a good look at what Scalebound is going to be about. Dragons. Flying on dragons, fighting with dragons and getting into petty arguments with dragons.

The main character, Drew, has a dragon companion that will be joining him on his adventure. Drew seemingly can understand the dragon’s grunts and snorts, and can command the dragon to preform various tasks during combat. For instance, the Gamescom trailer shows Drew ordering the dragon to stomp over enemies and knock down structures. It looks like staying on top of dragon commands will be an important part of Scalebound’s gameplay.

Also, and perhaps why Drew can communicate with the dragon, Drew seems to be part dragon himself. During the trailer, Drew’s arm briefly displays some dragon-like scales. Also, in the combat section, Drew transforms into some kind of dragon-like creature for a short amount of time and looked like it unlocked new, more powerful attacks. Sweet.

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