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The New XCOM 2 Trailer Has 5 Exhilarating Implications


The New XCOM 2 Trailer Has 5 Exhilarating Implications

XCOM 2 is looking mighty nice.

Firaxis Is Putting Serious Thought Into the Lore

XCOM: Enemy Unknown wasn’t just a fantastic tactical game. As far as simulating an actual alien invasion goes, it did a pretty good job. Yes, the countries of the world would band together to fight the menace (the XCOM project). No, they would not fully cooperate (limited resources). Yes, when it came to choosing their own interests over the global good they’d choose themselves (pulling out of the project). And the game did a fantastic job of making the player care about their soldiers. If there’s a player out there who wasn’t torn up about their chosen one, I’ll cry for them.

And XCOM had a story. There was the initial project. Then, in Enemy Within, EXALT made a realistic cultish stand. As new technologies were uncovered, your researchers questioned the ramifications of their actions. And finally, when the mothership was obliterated, the world celebrated their freedom even as the Ethereals’ last words echoed in your mind.

Now, with XCOM 2 unveiled and a trailer chock full of details, it seems that future came true. The aliens are now a welcomed part of society – on the surface, at least. Odds are that based on the familiar trappings of a seemingly happy but obviously dystopian society (i.e. body scans and armed soldiers on every street corner), the Advent isn’t really the outcome the XCOM project had in mind.

It’s nice to see XCOM 2 continuing the plotline of XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Given the Ethereal imagery in the trailer, it’s safe to say we’re in for some story-driven gameplay once XCOM 2 makes its debut.

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