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Batman: Arkham Knight How to – Miagani Island Riddle Solutions Guide


Batman: Arkham Knight How to – Miagani Island Riddle Solutions Guide

Riddle me that.

It just wouldn’t be a proper Batman Arkham game if you didn’t have Edward Nigma trying to screw with your brain. Like the amazing games that came before it, Batman: Arkham Knight contains some serious thought provokers for the caped crusader to figure out and snap some sweet pics of. Sometimes they are a bit too much of a head-scratcher, so we decided to put together some quick descriptions to help you out without taking all of the fun out of it.

Since there are three islands, we’ve split up the riddles in that manner. Here are the solutions for the Miagani Island riddles:

1) “Friends of the Waynes though not as wealthy, their memorial ward keeps Gotham healthy.”

To the northwest of the island, you will find the Elliot Memorial Hospital. Scan this building for your solution.

2) “The League of Assassins stuck blades through hearts, now they impale each other’s art.”

In the Kingston area of Miagani Island, you will find a little shack made of corrugates steel pretty close to where you get on to the bridge. All you need to do is scan it.

3) “It doesn’t take much to tame a Cat, make them wear this and then call the bat.”

You will have to save Catwoman during the Riddler’s side missions. She has an explosive collar around her neck, scan it. If you happen to have completed the quests, head back to the orphanage and it will be on the floor where you can still scan it.

4) “You forced this contraption over my brain, I’ll reward you with punishment, debasement and pain.”

In the Pinkney Orphanage is a room with a fan sitting on top of a desk. Scan the helmet on that desk.

5) “A natural cure for Scarecrow’s doom, your savior’s gone but still in bloom.”

Find Poison Ivy’s overgrown roots and scan them.

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