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Life Is Strange Episode 3 Guide: How to Get All Optional Photo Achievements and Trophies


Life Is Strange Episode 3 Guide: How to Get All Optional Photo Achievements and Trophies

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Life Is Strange will up your achievements or trophies if you manage to find all the optional photos you can take as Max. Some are pretty hard to find and can be easily missed, so follow this guide to nab 11 achievements/trophies (10 photos and one for getting all of them) within Life Is Strange Episode 3: Chaos Theory. Need help with Episode 2’s? Head on over here.

Parallax View

The first optional photo is within the Girls’ Dormitory. Either go to the bathroom or Dana’s room to find out that Victoria snuck out. Then, you’re going to sneak inside of her room. Congratulations on being close to getting the most annoyingly positioned photo within the series so far. Go over to the dresser and angle yourself to take a photo of the little action figure sitting on top. I’m not sure if the frenzy caused me to angle myself perfectly or if I actually performed magic, but using my controller’s D-Pad allowed me to select it easily.


For the second optional photo, you’re going to want to be outside of the Girl’s Dormitory. Ignoring the fireflies, you’re going to head to your right and approach the squirrel (Max seriously loves squirrels apparently). It will run away from you, so just reverse time and make it sit back atop the bench to nab this photo.

The Reflex

Option photo number three will be within the high school in the evening. When you’re trying to find the ingredients, head to the science lab. Once there, approach the fish tank and view it. Max will be selfish and want to wake up the poor fish for a photo, so go ahead and turn on the light after that. You’ll be able to photograph the fish tank now.

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