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Bloodborne: How to Beat Vicar Amelia

how to beat vicar amelia

Bloodborne: How to Beat Vicar Amelia

You may have noticed a pattern by now if you’ve been keeping up with these Bloodborne boss guides. The fights don’t seem to get easier, and it’s about time that you’ve resigned yourself to the fact that they have no intention of doing so. The deeper you delve into the city of Yharnam, the more your despair will become real. This even includes that moment when you stumble across Vicar Amelia. Here’s our guide for how to beat Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne.

How to Beat Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne

A young, beautiful woman praying to some unknown deity all alone in her temple. Well, it should probably be mentioned that she’s only a young beautiful woman at the beginning of the cutscene that introduces her. Because you see, she transforms into something far more menacing.

You fight Vicar Amelia in the form of a huge white beast that resembles the Cleric Beast you fought all those hours ago. The main visual difference (aside from the color) is that both of its arms are huge and furry instead of just one. If only that was the only difference.

Unfortunately, you’re going to have to deal with yet another boss with an extensive move set. There is a plus side, though.

For the first time you will fight a boss that isn’t surrounded by pesky obstacles. The temple you will do battle in is actually very open, and that’s probably because this is the largest boss so far.

The strange thing about your fight with Vicar Amelia is that you don’t really need any items (not counting Blood Vials, you always should have a few of those). Sure you can bring Bolt Paper, or Fire Paper if you want to add a temporary element to your melee weapon.

You can even bring some trusty Molotov Cocktails if that’s your thing, after all there are quite a few openings for you, but even this isn’t necessary. What you do need are some cat-like reflexes, a strong weapon, and a bit of patience.

Pretty much every attack from Vicar Amelia is extremely deadly, this boss knows how to dish out the pain and has no qualms with smashing you into itty-bitty pieces. But, this doesn’t mean that there aren’t any openings.

You actually want to wait for Vicar Amelia’s strongest attacks in order to get in there and handle your business. What moves are those? Well let’s break them down.

As with the last two dog-like beasts (Cleric Beast & Blood-starved Beast) you want to watch Vicar Amelia’s arms. There are two specific attacks you’re looking for, the first of which is when she spreads both of her arms wide.

This means she’s gonna tackle and bite. The second is when she sits on her hind legs and lifts her hands together as if she were praying and flashes blue.

This means she’s about to do one of her long range attacks. It is extremely powerful and it will knock you to the ground, but don’t worry too much since it is very easy to dodge and leaves her open for an onslaught (but we’ll get to that shortly).

Now that you have the arm formations jotted down, the other moves you need to watch out for are her leap attack which she follows with a deadly evade technique after a couple of seconds. Next one isn’t an attack at all. You will notice that Vicar Amelia occasionally flashes gold.

There are rare events when she sits down in the prayer position and glows gold instead of it just flashing. If you look at the bottom of your screen you’ll see that she’s actually healing herself, and she will continue to do so until she’s regained half of her health back or she is interrupted.

Every single one of Vicar Amelia’s aforementioned abilities can potentially change the battle in her favor should you be too slow to act. But, if you pay close attention to her, each provides a rather large opportunity for an aggressive hunter to make mincemeat of an otherwise formidable foe. It all comes down to the dodge.

For every move not listed here, you want to dodge backwards (back step). This will keep Vicar Amelia in your line of sight, while keeping you safely out of her rather long range.

Why don’t you attack her during these moments you ask? Because she usually uses her quicker attacks in these scenarios, and she doesn’t rest in between them either. No sense getting your ass kicked, when you’ll be granted plenty of golden opportunities in just a few seconds.

Now, for the moves that are listed here, you want to dodge toward her, specifically towards her arms so you can get underneath. The only exception is when she is in prayer position.

When Vicar Amelia does this, you’ll want to dodge to the side once she starts to bring her hands down, followed immediately by a dash forward if you want to get in a quick combo.

Back to the under arm dodge; The reason you’re doing this is because you want to get either behind Vicar Amelia, or beside her. Wherever you end up, the important thing is that you only hit dodge once so that you are still within striking range.

By now you should have a good handle on dodging attacks. In case you don’t, you want to hit circle and whatever direction your choosing right before contact, not when she readies the attack.

So you’ve successfully dodged, what now? Now you go to town on this overgrown sheep dog. You want to focus on the arms primarily as this will lead to a stun. Blood will spurt in a much higher volume than normal and Vicar Amelia will let out a shriek before collapsing onto her front arms. Now you have an extra five seconds to do even more serious damage.

In case you’re wondering, you can indeed stun Vicar Amelia with a well-timed gunshot to the face. But I wouldn’t recommend this due to the off chance that you run out of stamina while she comes back to her senses. Being in front of a beast with a jaw that can easily fit whatever friends you bring along is not a good idea by any stretch of the imagination.

The fact that you can easily stun her after already doing copious amounts of damage is a much better option that will drastically decrease the length of the time spent trapped in this temple with her.

The only other thing you need to be concerned with when it comes to how to beat Vicar Amelia is that little healing technique she uses that was mentioned before. While she does this, she will be completely defenseless. Just charge in and lay the smack down and you won’t have to deal with a never ending boss fight.

Simple, right? Vicar Amelia is the strongest boss you will face up to this point by far, but if you get your timing down, she is actually the easiest encounter in the game as far as bosses go.

In fact, you can easily claim victory in another three minutes if you nail your dodge rolls. The best thing to do is never be the aggressor. Vicar Amelia will always come to you, and always open herself up for attacks. If you can maintain self control, you’ll get through this fight with ease.

That’s all you need to know for how to beat Vicar Amelia in Bloodborne. Best of luck to you with the rest of your dark journey.

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