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Zoe Quinn's Follow Up to Depression Quest Is A FMV Game


Zoe Quinn's Follow Up to Depression Quest Is A FMV Game

FMV = Full Motion Video. It was probably the most gloriously awful idea in the history of game development. In a world where we could not render elaborate structures or characters, we simply shoved actors in front of cameras and ordered them to move around in hilariously awkward live action scenes that were degrading for everyone involved and horrible to play. They were, obviously, the best things ever. Fox Hunt is probably one of my favorite bad games of all time, and everyone has giggled like a child on laughing gas at Night Trap.

All of this means that FMV is long overdue for a comeback. What you probably do not expect about said comeback is who is going to usher it in. Zoe Quinn, the writer and developer of the hyper-controversial (and really, really good) Depression Quest, has announced that her next game will be a FMV title.

Quinn, who has expressed her admiration for the classic Night Trap and other FMV games before, also announced today the necessary actors for a live action project, and they are fantastic; Ashley Burch, of Hey Ash Watcha Playin? fame, and Greg Sestero of The Room (and author of the amazing The Disaster Artist). 

I’m sold. So sold. Sold beyond belief. An FMV game with fantastic actors and a great writer who legitimately loves the genre? Let the greatest comeback ever begin.

You can play Depression Quest here for free, and it will be available on Steam for free via Greenlight soon.

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