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Top 10 Most Popular Games Ever, Ranked by Peak Concurrent Players


Top 10 Most Popular Games Ever, Ranked by Peak Concurrent Players

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Editor’s note: The peak concurrent figures listed in this article have been pulled from publicly available information that, in some cases, is limited to a single platform. Where the article denotes a plus symbol, the figure does not include player numbers on a platform that likely would have added to its total substantially (i.e. PS4 and Xbox One). In most cases, however, these figures are the peak records that have been touted by the developers/publishers themselves.

10) Fallout 4 – 471,955 +

Games with the Highest Peak Concurrent Players

fallout 4, ps4 pro, mod support, open-world

Fallout 4’s near 472,000 concurrent player count might trail the next spot by half, but it’s still a hugely significant number. Unlike the rest of the games here, this is a single-player experience. There’s no competitive element to its gameplay, nor are play sessions governed by set rounds that commit dozens of players to a server for any one time. Quite simply, hundreds of thousands of fans were glued to their individual adventures when Fallout 4 released back in 2015. And that’s just on Steam. The figure doesn’t include PS4 and Xbox One players which would likely add over twice that number to the total.

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