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Top 10 Most Popular Games to Stream, Ranked by Average Viewers


Top 10 Most Popular Games to Stream, Ranked by Average Viewers

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Most Popular Games to Stream

online fortnite

An entry that will be a surprise to literally no-one, Fortnite takes the top spot for most average viewers on Twitch. With an impressive 130,406 average viewers, the arcade battle royale shooter continues to dominate. It’s incredible when you think of where the game was just a years or so ago. At launch, Fortnite was a completely different experience, offering up its now very niche Save the World mode as its main attraction. The addition of the battle royale mechanic we now hold as standard catapulted it to being the biggest game on the planet, beating out the seemingly unbeatable PUBG in the process.

It’s a great game to stream, with almost 120,000 streamers doing so currently. With streamers like Ninja, Shroud and summit1g managing to appeal to even mainstream audiences, Fortnite really is the most popular game even outside gaming at this point. It’s pretty easy to get into but difficult to master, making it a perfect game if you’re looking to stream.

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