Persona 5: What Happens When You Don’t Agree to the Work of Fiction Notice

Disagree or Agree? – Persona 5

Persona 5’s opening comes on strong with the Velvet Room vibes. You can already hear Igor’s voice and enter a contract, even! Atlus even made the opening Work of Fiction notice a part of the game, either asking you to agree or disagree with the statement that any similarities are purely coincidental.

Agreeing just has you “signing a contract” and the game begins. It’s the canon answer, basically, and there’s nothing particularly fun about it. Just starts up the game normally.

Disagree, however, and you will find yourself in a loop! Things get a bit creepy, as is customary with Igor. You’ll begin hearing this dialogue:

“I see… Everything that happens from here on is real… Is that your cognition of this? Then unfortunately, I cannot allow you to partake of this game. I must ask you to leave…”

Then, the the opening menu appears all over again and any further attempts to disagree will just lock you in a loop, sending you back to the main menu. Leave it to Igor to make things weird! Get ready for more of it.

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