8 Games Where Your Character Can Get Married During this Forever Alone Time

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Valentine’s Day is always rough for those of us without lovers to celebrate the day with, but who needs love when you have video games to occupy your time? Some video games take it one step further and let your in-game character have a romance of their own. For all of us who are forever alone on this day, here are eight games where your character can get married. We are excluding games where the sole objective of the game is dating. Sorry dating sim fans, those will not make the list.

Harvest Moon


The Harvest Moon series has been known for dating and marriage just as much as it is know for the farm simulation. The Harvest Moon series has you take on the role of a newcomer that has just come into town and is new to farm life. As you adjust to life in this small town, you meet a few eligible bachelors or bachelorettes that are available for you to marry. If you are successful in courting your love, then eventually the two of you will get married and you can whisk them away to your farmhouse and even have a child together.

Final Fantasy XIV

Final Fantasy XIV marriage

Final Fantasy XIV, the MMORPG installment to the Final Fantasy series, does not have a marriage system, but instead a Ceremony of Eternal Bonding. Like western marriages, there is a ceremony that takes place in front of invited guests and there is in exchanging of rings. The rings you and your partner exchange are called Eternity Rings, which allows you to teleport directly next to your partner with only a 30 minute cooldown. How romantic.



Bethesda’s open world RPG Skyrim takes the hero on an epic quest to to defeat Alduin and save the world. If you manage to find some free time for love in between your noble quest to slay the dragon, then marriage can be on the horizon for you. Finding a life partner in Skyrim has its benefits. After marriage, you get a new house for you and your loved one to live in and your spouse will give you 100 gold a day and a meal if you ask. Plus, don’t forget about the “Lover’s Comfort” bonus.

Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life Marriage

Tomodachi Life is the 3Ds title that centers around an island filled with Miis. The more Miis that join the island, the more interactions occur between them. Some Miis have friendships but other Miis will not like each other. Some Miis will even fall in love. Marriage in Tomodachi Life is not without its benefits as married couples get a shared house. The couple can even have a child together, who in turn can one day marry as well. Love is everywhere in Tomodachi Life.

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