Another Overwatch Anime Opening Exists, and It’s as Awesome as the Last One

When will this be a real thing, Blizzard?!

Hey, so you remember a while back when some awesome fellow decided to make an anime style opening for Overwatch? Well, it’s happened again, and it’s somehow even more awesome than the last one.

This one comes to us courtesy of YouTuber Helix 101, who says he’s “been wanting to make this for sometime now.” Since the second season of the game’s competitive mode has begun, he decided that now was the perfect time to release it. Adding in Ana and Sombra (who’s currently “in the Shadows”) was done because he thought it would be interesting. Anime fans may recognize the song from the ending theme of Mob Psycho 100.

Bless the Overwatch fandom. You guys are awesome. But seriously, Blizzard, when can we get an anime of this? People clearly want it, and it’s not like it wouldn’t be good for the brand…not to mention, you’d get some more merch to sell. Who wouldn’t buy a chibi Lucio?

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