Uncharted 4: How to Find the Strange Relics for the Relic Finder Trophy

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One of the Trophies in Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End is called Relic Finder. It tasks players with collecting the Strange Relics, although no other information is given. It turns out that there are three of these, each found in separate story missions. They’re pretty far apart and very easy to miss. Fortunately enough, we’ve found all three and are here to help you nab the Relic Finder Trophy for yourself.

Strange Pendant

Location – Chapter 9: Those Who Prove Worthy

The first item you seek is found during Chapter 9 while you’re exploring the dark cave with your brother, Sam. As you progress, you’ll find yourself in an area with a large drop to your left and right. If you peer over the edge to your left, you’ll find a grapple point that you can latch onto. Do so, then drop down. Now turn around and look for a small opening in the cave wall. Swing over (you’ll hit yourself on the wall behind you a few times, but don’t worry). Once you can reach, make the jump. The first Strange Relic is on a corpse sitting inside the small area.

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