Dark Souls III: How to Easily Beat the Giant Crystal Lizard With This Trick

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If you’ve already sunk your teeth into the much anticipated Dark Souls III, you may have noticed a suspicious soapstone message in the immediate starting area: the Cemetery of Ash.

The message is signaling you to turn back from an ominous valley. If you’re a Souls veteran, you may get visions of nostalgia, as every game so far has boasted a difficult enemy right at the start, to throw players off and provide them with a serious challenge.

This area contains a Crystal Lizard, but not just any Crystal Lizard, this one is huge and nigh impossible to beat with your starting items. Unless you’re a true warrior, that is.

Dark Souls III

The problem is, this Crystal Lizard drops 4000 Souls and a Titanite Scale. Souls are what you use to level up and Titanite is the material used to upgrade your weapons, making this kill extremely lucrative for a character in the early game of Dark Souls III.

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