FF7 Cosplay Guide: How to Make Tifa’s Advent Children Outfit

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tifa advent children

Tifa Lockhart is a fan favorite of the Final Fantasy series. This tutorial will show you how to cosplay in her Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children outfit. All cosplays are made with the intention of keeping costs low and maximizing comfort, since a majority of cosplays are worn during crowded conventions.


  • 2 to 3 yds. of black material of your choice. Costume leather would be the most accurate material, but since it is so costly and traps heat, I chose woven cotton.
  • A zipper that will be the length of your top. I chose a zipper that was 9 inches long since that is where I wanted the length to sit.
  • Three large, black buttons.
  • Black thread.
  • Enough elastic to sew a waistband.
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