Kikakin Shrine Puzzle Solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom – How to Solve & Hidden Chest Location

I hope you're good at mazes.

Kikakin Shrine Puzzle Solution in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Image Source: Nintendo via Twinfinite

In Zelda: TOTK, the Kikakin Shrine is one of the many dungeons that seamlessly blends in with its surroundings. Only a keen eye can spot it along Mount Drena. If you’re shrine hunting, we’ll teach you where to find and how to solve the Kikakin Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Kikakin Shrine Solution in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

To find the Kikakin Shrine in Tears of the Kingdom, it’s recommended you have the Thyphlo Ruins Skyview Tower unlocked. From there, it’s just a quick and easy skydive to the shrine.

how to reach kikakin shrine
Image Source: Nintendo via Twinfinite

I also recommend bringing arrows and Brightbloom Seeds. It’s dark inside the Kikakin Shrine, and while there are Zonai Lights to carry, the seeds keep your hands free.

  1. Loot the first hidden chest.

    From the start of the maze, turn at the first left. Make another left at the end of the hallway. Avoid the series of lasers and loot the chest located just before the wall of spikes.

  2. Loot the second hidden chest.

    From the second chest, head straight, skipping the path on your right. Along the wall you’ll see a series of brown tiles. Use Ultrahand to yank the block from the wall to reveal another chest.pull the block from the wall to reveal a chest

  3. Loot the third hidden chest.

    Pass the second chest, continue forward and make a left, then immediately turn at the first right. Inside that room is another chest.

  4. Loot the fourth hidden chest.

    Back out of the right and turn right to a massive hallway. See the gap in the ceiling? There’s a room you can reach with Ascend to find another chest.use ascend to reach the hidden room above

  5. Retrieve the small key.

    Drop through the gap, down to the massive hallway again. See the two spiked walls? Turn around and you’ll see a narrow hallway. That leads to a dead end, but yanking the tile off the floor reveals a chest containing the small key you need to unlock the Shrine of Light.where the small key is for kikakin shrine

Not only do you know how to solve the Kikakin Shrine in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you’ll walk away with an Opal, Amber, Zonaite Bow, and Luminous Stone. Of course, the Light of Blessing is the real prize, so if you want more, check out the links below for additional shrine guides!

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