How to Get Diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Pressure makes Diamonds.

Link running in TOTK next to Diamond PNG from The Legend of Zelda Image Source: Nintendo

The many environments in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom are littered with various items, foodstuffs and consumables, each of which can be crafted by Link into something useful and beneficial. One particularly valuable items is Diamonds, but where do you find them and how do you use them?

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Diamond Locations in Tears of the Kingdom

In Tears of the Kingdom, Diamonds can be found in Treasure Chests and Shrines, where they are given as rewards. One of the earliest Diamonds players can earn is under Hyrule Castle, in the Royal Hidden Passage Cave.

There are also three Shrines within Zelda: TOTK that have been confirmed as giving Diamonds as rewards. These are:

  • Jochi-ihiga Shrinefound between Zora’s Domain and Tarrey Town, near Akkala Falls (pictured below)
  • Sihajog Shrine – found on Valor Island, accessible via the Mount Lanayru Skyview Tower
  • Yomizuk Shrine – a cave shrine found south of Lodrum Headland, at Tarm Point
Jochi-Ihiga Shrine in Zelda TOTK.
Image Credit: Nintendo via Twinfinite

Diamonds can also be acquired by smashing any sparkling ore deposits found around TOTK’s regions. These do not guarantee a Diamond however, with Ruby, Sapphire or Opal far more common finds.

Uses & Selling

They are described in-game as: “The most precious ore one can find. Its signature sparkle has charmed Hyruleans for generations. As such, it has sold for a very high price since ancient times.”

Unlike some items – namely Spicy Peppers and Endura Carrots – they cannot be found by adding them to the Compendium.

They can be sold and fused, though. They will command an impressive 500 Rupees when sold or grant 25 Fuse Attack Power when used in this way. They don’t add any elemental power to weapons.

That’s everything there is to know about getting, using and selling Diamonds in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. For everything else on Nintendo’s 2023 instalment, stick with us right here.

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