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Fastest Tears of the Kingdom Speedrun Times

Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Cover
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Fastest Tears of the Kingdom Speedrun Times

Let the speedrunning begin!

Legend of Zelda fans have set the bar for speedruns, from Breath of the Wild’s half an hour walkthrough to a measly five minutes of A Link to the Past. Now, the community is once again breaking records with Tears of the Kingdom, completing the game just a few hours after its launch. So, if you want to see the latest status of these playthroughs, we’ll show you the fastest Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom speedrun times.

What Are the Fastest Tears of the Kingdom Speedrun Times?

Youtuber Vivoxe has the fastest Tears of the Kingdom speedrun of 74 minutes. Since its release, the player has attempted to best their record with each playthrough, using various methods to make the process quicker.

Considering Vivoxe’s effort, we could see shorter runs as time progresses, as several fans have offered advice for their next attempt.

Aside from this player, YouTuber gymnast86 was one of the first users to hold the fastest Tears of the Kingdom speedrun of 94 minutes. The streamer also provided some tips and tricks for a speedrun, allowing others to possibly finish the game in a shorter period.

However, the same glitches used to defeat Breath of the Wild won’t prove as effective in Tears of the Kingdom, as there seem to be patches to prevent them. Nevertheless, there may still be a way to utilize these features later down the line, primarily since Legend of Zelda fans have always discovered hacks as time passes.

Although it took gymnast86 42 minutes to reach Hyrule, they believe this amount of time can be shortened with the right weapons. They also express that players can immediately go to the final boss, yet it would be challenging to do so, given that Link won’t have the proper tools and upgrades to defeat the last enemy successfully. But it wouldn’t be surprising to see other players get rid of the opponent without the necessary equipment.

As for other players, you can check out the following speedruns:

That does it for our guide on the fastest Tears of the Kingdom speedruns. For more content, be sure to explore the relevant links below, including a reviews round-up.

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