Magic-Based Battle Royale Spellbreak Will Release on Switch & Xbox One

spellbreak, ps4

Battle royales are still incredibly popular and most of them feature looting, shooting, and sometimes building. In the case of Spellbreak though you’re looting for powerful equipment that will grant you access to spells that you can use to eliminate your competition.

While already confirmed for both PC and PS4, developer Proletariat Games recently announced that Spellbreak will also release on the Switch and Xbox One, and is now just a Stadia or mobile release from platform bingo.

The scope of the development has clearly expanded the game was originally announced just for PC. Late last year the PS4 version was revealed, and now Switch and Xbox One owners will be able to enjoy Spellbreak’s unique take on the genre as well.

Currently Spellbreak is still in closed beta. Typical of the genre, it will be free-to-play with microtransactions and will feature a Founder’s Pack as well.

There’s currently no word on when Spellbreak will fully release, but it’s currently slated for 2020 for all platforms, including the recently revealed Switch and Xbox One versions.

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