All Horse Traits & Skills in The Sims 4: Horse Ranch

A distinctive personality fit for a steed.

Horses in The Sims 4
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Like the Sims, animals can inherit unique traits that ultimately shape their personality and overall journey. Their upbringing and genetic inheritance can heavily influence these attributes, resulting in more negative or positive experiences. So, now that the latest expansion pack is ushering in a new breed, we’ll go over all horse traits and skills in The Sims 4.

What Are the Horse Traits in The Sims 4? Answered

If you’ve previously played The Sims 4: Cats and Dogs, you can expect to see familiar characteristics in the Horse Ranch expansion pack. These animals will include 11 distinct traits that can be added in Create a Sim or developed from genetics. To get an overview of these personality types, you can expect the following features:

Horse TraitDescription
AggressiveMeaner toward other Sims and will be more challenging to train.
BraveHigh chance of succeeding in Horse Jumps and Barrel techniques, and will not be afraid of bad weather or dangerous situations.
DefiantAn obstinate animal that will be more difficult to train as it develops slowly in skill levels. More likely to fail in Horse Jumps and Barrel coaching.
EnergeticAthletic skills can be leveled up much faster but can slow down the rate for the Temperament talent.
FearfulScared of almost anything, especially during storms, and gradually levels up in Temperament skill.
Free SpiritA horse that loves the outdoors and will get sad when left inside for too long.
FriendlyLoves to socialize and thrives in communal events.
IndependentEnjoys being alone and doesn’t require much attention.
IntelligentA rapid learner that can easily earn all skills, with the bonus of being a shining conversationalist.
MellowLoves relaxing more than anything and can gain the Temperament skill quickly (with a setback in the athletic perk.)
NeedyRequires a lot of social interactions from Sims and will frequently approach others to get attention.

Those who enjoy the training side of pets in The Sims 4 may need to place traits like Intelligent and Brave to get a more accessible experience for the Horse Competition. But, if you don’t mind a challenge, you can see what random attributes they can develop through genetics. Players can also unlock special characteristics when raising foals, similar to the toddler life stage.

Aside from horses, you can check out two new traits for Sims with Rancher and Horse Lover, giving you a better chance to get accustomed to the rustic world of Chestnut Ridge.

All Horse Skills in The Sims 4

To maximize a horse’s abilities, you can level up four skills:

  • Temperament
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Jumping

The Temperament attribute is associated with social interactions, so you must take care of your companion as much as possible to help them blossom in their personality. It can also help build other relationships and improve Horse Riding, as it will reduce the risk of a Sim falling off.

If you want to compete in challenges, you can focus on boosting your steed’s Agility and Jumping by using training materials like barrels and jumping structures. At the same time, players may increase their Endurance level, which can help horses last longer on walks.

Now that you know all about horse traits, you can check out more information through our Horse Ranch cheats guide. Be sure to also explore the relevant links below for more content about the game.

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