Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

What the Different Colored Warning Symbols Mean in Starfield

What do all the colorful lights mean?

Throughout your interstellar travels in Starfield, it’s all but inevitable that somewhere along the way you’ll get slapped with one affliction or another, be it after some heavy combat or spending a bit too much time in front of the sun with no atmosphere to protect you. There are a number of different ailments, and Bethesda developers did their part to categorize them as distinctly as possible, all by color. If you’re wondering what all those different colors pertain to, here is our handy guide for what the different colored warning symbols mean in Starfield.

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What Each Different Affliction Warning Symbol Means in Starfield

Starfield what does each affliction symbol mean
Image Source: Bethesda via Twinfinite

There are a few different warning symbols to watch out for while playing Starfield, as sometimes it’s easy to get toxic radiation exposure without realizing it, spend a bit too much time in freezing temperatures, or during combat you may accidentally take a fall that leaves with you a nasty fracture.

Thankfully, when it comes to knowing how exactly to mend all of the different possible ailments, a concise, color-coded system makes sure to let you know when there’s a problem. Each of these is in the shape of a triangle with various symbols, and they can appear on the bottom of your HUD and in the Character Menu.

Color/SymbolType of Wounds IndicatedHow to Heal
Purple PillInfectionsDoctor Treatment, Antibiotics, Penicillin X, Antibiotic Paste, Antibiotic Cocktail, Analgesic Poultice, Panacea
Red BandageLacerations, Contusions, Puncture WoundsDoctor Treatment, Bandages, Infused Bandages, Repairing Immobilizer, Analgesic Poultice, Panacea
Yellow DispersalBrain Injury, Concussion, Heatstroke, Hernia, Hypothermia, Lung Damage, Poisoning, Radiation Poisoning, AddictionDoctor Treatment, Junk Flush (Addictions only), Injector, Snake Oil, Panacea
Orange FlameBurns, FrostbiteDoctor Treatment, Heal Gel, Heal Paste, Antibiotic Paste, Infused Bandages, Analgesic Poultice, Panacea
Blue Broken BoneDislocated Limbs, Fractured Limb, Fractured Skull, Sprain, Torn MuscleDoctor Treatment, Immobilizer, Repairing Immobilizer, Repairing Immobilizer

Keep in mind that healing afflictions can also depend on the Severity of them, and your overall Prognosis status. Some may be worse than others and take longer to heal.

While crafted healing items are always good to have on hand while in the field to mend injuries, Doctors found in cities are still the best possible option for curing just about any of the above afflictions. For a flat fee they’ll restore your health to full and take care of any and all ailments you may have.

That concludes our guide for what the different colored warning symbols mean in Starfield. We hope you find this helpful in keeping yourself in tip-top shape during your travels across the galaxy. Let us know what you think is the most effective method of curing afflictions, and which ones you tend to get slapped with the most.

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