starfield boost pack types explained
Image Source: Bethesda Softworks via Twinfinite

Starfield Boost Pack Types: Explained

I believe I can fly!

There’s no feeling quite like flying, and to do so with only what’s strapped to your back can be even more exciting. However in Starfield, if you don’t know just the type of Boost Pack you’re picking up, you might wind up disappointed when you get out on your adventure. If you needed help figuring out the differences between them, here are the Boost Pack types in Starfield.

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What Are the Types of Boost Pack in Starfield?

starfield boost pack types explained
Image Source: Bethesda Softworks via Twinfinite

In Starfield, there are four main types of Boost Pack. Basic, Balanced, Power and Skip. Each one will allow you to fly when activated, but they all perform slightly differently in ways that can change the way you explore a planet.

The Basic Boost Pack is just that: very basic in functionality. It’ll give you a boost with a standard amount of lift when you activate it, but it’ll take a moment to charge back up and won’t give you anything to write home about regarding thrust.

The Power Boost Pack is much more tailored to climbing or ascending quickly. You can use it for rather powerful boosts to get you larger distances each time, but you’ll probably only be able to get one or maybe two boosts before you’ve got to let it recharge again.

The Skip Boost Pack lets you, well, skip through the air more than the other packs do. It’ll give you enough charge for a few short bursts of thrust, but they won’t be nearly as powerful as the Power Boost Packs. If you’re exploring a planet or moon with low gravity, these might be your best friend.

The Balanced Boost Pack serves as a sort of happy medium between the other types. You won’t get propelled as far as you will with a Power Boost Pack, but you’ll certainly go farther than using a Skip Pack. “Balanced” is a great way to describe the play style that would go best with these packs.

Other than that, there’s not much else to know about the different types of Boost Packs in Starfield. There are tons of different kinds that you can find throughout the galaxy in shops or on enemies, but they’ll all fall within one of these four categories. If you’re looking for any other guides on the game, be sure to keep checking back here.

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