Should You Side with Mathis in Starfield Echoes of the Past Quest? Answered

Friend or foe?

Mathis in Starfield Echoes of Past Quest
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

During the Echoes of the Past quest in Starfield, you are buddied up with another potential Crimson fleet recruit named Mathis, and there is a choice to make when your quest comes to an end. Delgado, the leader of the Crimson Fleet and the man who brought you out on this mission, asks you about Mathis, and It’s your decision to tell Delgado how much, or how little, your fellow Crimson Fleet recruit helped. So should you side with Mathis, or throw him to the dogs? Let’s find out.

Should You Help Mathis Join the Crimson Fleet? Outcomes Explained

Matthis at The Key Starfield Echoes of the Past Quest
Image Source: Twinfinite via Bethesda

When you get to the end of the quest, you’ll speak with Delgado over the intercom and he asks you whether Mathis was any help on the search. Your decision at this point will determine how your relationship with Mathis turns out. Two dialogue options await you:

  • “I found information about Kryx’s Legacy, no thanks to Mathis who barely lifted a finger to help.”
  • “Thanks to Mathis help, we found some information about Kryx’s Legacy.”

If you choose to support Mathis, then he is accepted into the Crimson Fleet and becomes available to you as a travelling companion. If you choose to sell him out, he will be kicked out of the pirate gang, and he’ll eventually try to hunt you down on some random occasion.

While a bit mean to Mathis, selling him out is the more honest answer. As you progress through the mission and check cells for loot and key information about Kryx, Mathis is by your side and isn’t entirely useless as he does shoot and kill the Crabfly Grazers and Grylloba who attack you regularly. Other than that though, he doesn’t do much toward searching for information regarding the legendary Kryx’s legacy.

However, there is no upside to selling him out, so it really is best just to lie and say he helped out.

Hopefully this has helped you make the right choice in regards to whether or not you should side with Mathis in Starfield, and stopped you making an unnecessary enemy! For further helpful hints and tips, check out more of our Starfield guides down below.

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