The Mastermind Behind a Domino Sandwich Line in Starfield is Revealed

A questionable but creative use of food.

Image Source: Muaxh03 via Reddit
Image Source: Muaxh03 via Reddit

Starfield has pushed the literal astronomical limits of creativity for players everywhere, whether it’s building some incredibly unique (and sometimes ridiculous) ships, beachfront outposts with features we didn’t know were possible, and of course the mods that allow character creation on a whole different level. Sometimes though, it’s the simpler things that can prove just as much of a personal triumph for someone, and one particular player had an example of it to share with the Starfield community on Reddit.

A player who goes by ‘Muaxh03’ on Reddit shared his unique little experiment that puts the game’s notable physics to the test in a very interesting way. In what looks like the basement area of the The Lodge at New Atlantis on Jemison, he set up an entire domino line, or circle rather, of sandwiches, one of the many consumable food items in the game. It stretches all the way back up the stairs to a row of books and board games where it all starts.

Starfield a player shows how to create a domino sequence with in-game sandwiches
Image Source: Muaxh03 via Reddit

With a careful nudge, the sequence begins with all those books and such falling perfectly down the steps, followed by a soccer ball (careful, those are Earthly relics!) that rolls down straight to the next section where the sandwich line begins. While somehow not coming apart in a splattery mess, the sandwiches all tumble forward, again perfectly into the giant planet shape at the bottom that comes full…well, circle. The sheer amount of time it likely took to set it all up, and then have it perfectly executed definitely makes it another memorable staple in the game’s community experience.

As noted by the thread’s title, ‘Muaxh03’ also mentioned that someone else had unfortunately tried to take credit for the feat by uploading it as their own creation. ‘Muaxh03’ thus re-uploaded it himself, watermark and all, and after multiple reports were filed to have the imposter’s duplicate removed, it was in fact taken down. We thus don’t know who the perpetrator was, and of course we don’t condone anyone doing anything similar. Rather, come up with a different, even more impressive domino line of some sort. After all, there’s no shortage of stuff in the game to hoard nonsensically.

In the end, we just hope that he made good use of all those tasty sandwiches after pulling off this trick.

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