Starfield Audio Issues
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How to Fix Starfield Audio Issues

Audio repairo!

With Starfield now live and players diving into everything Bethesda has in the works for them, players are also uncovering the unfortunate bugs and glitches that a huge new game was bound to launch with. Here’s how to fix Starfield audio problems.

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What Are the Starfield Audio Issues?

Since early access for Starfield went live on September 1, players have reported experiencing problems with the game’s sound.

Specifically, there have been reports that audio is cutting out unexpectedly, as well as lagging behind character models and in-game subtitles. These appear pretty widespread, suggesting Bethesda might look to implement a hotfix in the near future.

For now, the developers have not commented on the issues but, given their prevalence and how they’ve featured in early played feedback, we do expect them to be addressed at some point.

Until then, it’s a matter of relying on other fixes, workarounds and solutions to get past Starfield’s audio issues.

How to Fix Audio Bugs in Starfield

We’ve collated those that appear to have worked for some players, as well as some old reliables that players might find success with:

  • Disable upscaling, VSync, Motion Blur and VRS – one Redditor stated that editing these options quickly ended the audio issues, presumably making the game easier to run and therefore eliminating linked problems.
  • Reinstall on an SSD – some players also reported that the issues affected them having installed Starfield on an HDD, rather than an SSD. Switching to the latter has apparently fixed the issues for some.
  • Restart your game – as simple as it sounds, resetting the game manually will ensure any problems that occurred on startup will be solved. Just make sure your game is saved first!
  • Lower your graphical quality – it’s probably not what you wanted, especially given the beauty of Starfield’s locations and landscapes. Even so, lowering the quality of your graphics (to medium or low via the in-game menu) has reportedly helped to minimize the audio problems.

Right now, those are all the known fixes for audio problems in Starfield. As previously mentioned, the devs will likely investigate and implement fixes in the future. At the moment, one of the above workarounds is likely your best bet.

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