Image Source: Bethesda
Image Source: Bethesda

All Armor & Weapon Stats in Starfield, Explained

Make sure your stats are positively cosmic!

Bethesda’s new epic sci-fi RPG Starfield promises an interstellar space adventure unlike any other seen in modern gaming, and like many other titles in the studio’s archive, combat is just as integral to the overall experience as the immersive exploration. Starfield will indeed feature plenty of hands-on combat that utilizes all manner of weaponry, with a variety of stats that can influence the outcome of a dangerous situation. If you’re wondering what to expect, here is our handy guide for all armor and weapon stats in Starfield.

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All Armor Stats in Starfield & What They Mean

Starfield what are armor stats and what they mean
Image Source: Bethesda

With the literal galaxy-sized scale of Starfield, there is undoubtedly going to be an immense variety of spacesuits to discover and choose from throughout the game. While we all definitely want to look our best while cruising among the stars, the technical stats of your gear are still a top priority, and there are a fair few of them to make note of and adjust to your specific needs.

Now then, the basic layout of your gear is comprised of three main pieces:

  • Helmet
  • Spacesuit
  • Boost Pack

As you highlight a piece of armor, its inherent defensive stats will be listed on the right side of your screen, as seen above.

Also, don’t forget that the clothes you wear underneath your suit, listed as your ‘Apparel’ under your Inventory, also carry their own stats and perks.

First of all, there are two subsidiary stats listed at the bottom that don’t not affect your Armor whatsoever in terms of protection:

  • Mass – This refers to how much a given piece of armor weighs. You’ll want to be mindful of this as it counts towards your total carrying weight.
  • Value – Each piece of armor has a listed monetary ‘value’. While you can seldom receive near that amount from vendors who of course want a profit, increasing perks like Commerce can improve your odds of a better kickback from items you sell.

As these pieces of armor can be switched out separately, they each have their own set of stats that are all based on resistances to various types of damage, be it from bullets or from terrain-based threats like radiation and acid rain.

From top to bottom, there are three primary stats, along with four secondary stats.

Primary Stats

Stat TypeWhat It Means
PHYSPhysical resistance to ballistic and melee attacks
ENGYResistance to laser and energy weapons
EMResistance to electromagnetic weapons

Secondary Stats

Stat TypeWhat It Means
ThermalResistance to excessive heat elements
AirborneResistance from airborne debris that can inflict damage
CorrosiveResistance against corrosive elements like acid rain
RadiationResistance to sources of radiation

All Weapon Stats in Starfield & What They Mean

Starfield what are gun stats and what they do
Image Source: Bethesda

Just as armor in the game has its own stats, so do all the different kinds of weapons you can acquire and use over the course of your journey. They’re also listed on the right hand side of your inventory screen, as seen above, and there are eight primary stats in all to make note of.

Weapons also carry the same subsidiary stats of Mass and Value, which are listed at the bottom.

All Weapon Stats

Stat TypeWhat It Means
Damage TypeRefers to the damage dealt by the weapon (Physical, Energy, or EM)
AmmoThis refers to the type of ammo the weapon uses
MagThe part of the weapon that holds a set amount of ammo; that ammo number is indicated.
RoundsThe total amount of ammo you have for that specific weapon in your inventory
Fire RateThe rate at which your weapon fires bullets/projectiles
Range The maximum distance your weapon can inflict projectile damage when fired
AccuracyHow likely you are to hit what you’re aiming at, in terms of percentage rate
ModsThe number of pieces of mod equipment you can add to your weapon

That concludes our guide for all armor and weapon stats in Starfield, and explanations for each. We hope you find this helpful, and let us know what your favorite armor and weapon builds are so far.

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