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Climb Race Simulator Codes (June 2024)

Free wins? Don't mind if I do!

Updated: June 20, 2024

We found codes!

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Are you just starting out and want to increase your strength fast? Or are you a veteran who needs a little boost to overtake others on the leaderboard? It doesn’t matter, as these codes for Climb Race Simulator are bound to help you out, and the best part is the only thing you’ll need to do is log into the game and claim them. Neat, right?

All Active Climb Race Simulator Codes

  • RELEASE: 15 Trophies, 500 Strength (New)

Expired Climb Race Simulator Codes

  • There are no expired codes at the moment.

How to Redeem Codes in Climb Race Simulator

  1. Open Climb Race Simulator on Roblox.
  2. Click on Codes all the way to the right.
  3. Type your code into the input field.
  4. Click on Verify to claim the code and get the freebies.

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Why Is My Code Not Working?

If a code isn’t working, chances are that it’s either due to a spelling mistake or the code’s expiration date, or it might be that you’ve already redeemed it on your account. So, double-check your spelling before trying again, and check the in-game notification for the exact reason code redemption failed. It’s better than wasting time by trying to claim a code more than once.

How to Get More Climb Race Simulator Codes

The best place to look for codes is the i2Perfect YouTube channel. They post codes for all xFrozen Roblox experiences, including this one. Also, you can try the official xFrozen Discord server and the xFrozen X profile, but both are fairly outdated.

Other Ways to Get Free Rewards in Climb Race Simulator

If you want to make the most out of your time in Climb Race Simulator, then there are a few sources of freebies you’ll want to exhaust. Here is the full list of them:

  • Daily Rewards: You can access them via the Daily button on the right, and they provide you with a bunch of resources, including OP pets, potions, and power.
  • Playtime Rewards: You access these via the giftbox button on the right, and you earn them just by being logged in. Collecting them diligently will help you in your progression immensely.
  • Free Reward Chest: You can find it in the spawn, and it requires you to join the xFrozen group and like the experience. Once you’ve done that, interact with it to get a free OP pet.
  • Group Join: Joining the group we linked above will permanently increase your strength by 20%!
  • Free Spins: As you play, you’ll earn free spins. You can use them by clicking the Spins button on the top right. The rewards are meh, except for the grand prize (0.1%), which is an x500 strength pet.

Well, that sums up all we have on Climb Race Simulator codes and how to claim them in-game. For a permanent supply of codes, bookmark the Roblox section of our website. Also, if you like simulator experiences like this one, check out Pet Simulator 99. The theme is quite different, but the gameplay is equally, if not more, fun!

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