Can You Name These 14 Valorant Map Callouts? Take This Quiz to Find Out

Let's find out how well you know these 12 Valorant map callouts.

Valorant map callouts

Information is everything in Valorant. Having clear lines of communication to relay either friendly or enemy positions is often the difference between winning and losing games, and all that starts and ends with having a deep knowledge of map callouts. We would expect higher elo players to know virtually every callout in Valorant just by glancing at an image. So does that include you? Well, let’s find out.

Here, we’ve compiled 14 images of well-known but not necessarily official Valorant map callouts that should be familiar to those who play Valorant regularly. Of course, there will be some regional differences between what’s known in Europe, America, and Asia/Pacific, but veteran players should still nail these even still. This quiz has actually recently been updated with a couple of new callouts from Valorant’s latest two maps, Pearl and Lotus.

Good luck, and no cheating! As ever, we’ll assign you a rank depending on your performance, from Silver to Radiant.

Can You Name These 14 Valorant Map Callouts? Take This Quiz to Find Out

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