Which Original Super Smash Bros. Fighter Are You? Take the Quiz to Find Out!

Super Smash Bros Quiz

If you have played any of the Super Smash Bros. titles, chances are that you have played as one of the original 8 fighters at some point. Whether you prefer to play as the well-loved Mario or the awe-inspiring Link, there is likely an original fighter that would better suit your own tastes. We’ve made a Super Smash Bros. quiz that will tell you which original fighter you’d be.

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Have a go and see if you end up as your favorite fighter in the Super Smash Bros. quiz! You may just get a result you would never have expected…

Which Original Super Smash Bros. Fighter Are You?

Which Super Smash game is your fave?
What do you use when fighting?
Which Nintendo console is your fave?
Who do you play with?
Which fighter's franchise is your favorite?
Which color do you like most?
Which fictional Nintendo world would you live in?
What is most important to you?
Which Mario Kart vehicle is your fave?
Which Super Smash dish would you eat?
How do you usually play?
How do you usually dress?

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