Keanu Reeves as John Wick

Only Hardcore John Wick Fans Can Survive the Challenge of This Trivia Quiz

John Wick takes his quizzes as seriously as his revenge.

When John Wick was released back in 2014, few could have foreseen its level of success, receiving three sequels (so far), a TV series, and a spinoff led by Ana De Armas. The Keanu Reeves vehicle showed a new way to shoot action, now named gun-fu, while creating a universe and world-building that keeps getting better and better.

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John Wick just wanted to be left alone with his grief and his new puppy, when the Russians stole his car and killed his dog. Since then, revenge has been the name of the game, showing with every movie more and more exciting and surprising fights and creative ways to kill enemies.

The fourth movie has just been released. That’s why, today, we want you to join us on Twinfinite’s latest movie trivia quiz. This time it’s all about the Baba Yaga, John Wick himself. The quiz has questions from the three first movies, so you can get ready for the next one while showing how much you know about the man, the myth, the legend… the one and only John Wick.

Only Hardcore John Wick Fans Can Win the Intellectual Fight of This Trivia Quiz

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What’s John Wick’s nickname for those who fear him?
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Which is the name John Wick was born with?
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John Wick has NOT killed someone with which of these objects?
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Has John Wick killed more people than the number of words he has spoken?
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Which of these martial arts did Keanu Reeves NOT learn for the franchise?
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What was the original title of the franchise supposed to be before they changed it to John Wick?
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In the films, John Wick has spoken 8 languages. Which are they?
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What does John Wick's back tattoo say?
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How many people has John Wick killed in the franchise?
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In what book of the New York Public Library has John Wick concealed coins, a picture with Helen, a passage for The Director, and also Sofia’s marker?

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