Which Overwatch 2 DPS Character Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out

Ever wondered what Overwatch 2 DPS character you are most like? take this quiz to find out!

Overwatch 2 is well-known for being a fun, objective-based hero shooter with various roles and characters to choose from. From these roles, DPS is commonly referred to as the most popular role in the game.

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The popularity of DPS comes from the fact that for many, it is simply the most enjoyable role to play. DPS offers a range of offensive damage dealing characters with unique ability kits, and strong carry potential. There are various play styles between DPS heroes, and a wide range of personalities and backgrounds throughout the cast of characters in this role.

From a mysterious hacker, an explosive-obsessed Junker, the founder of the Deadlock Gang, and so much more, there is an incredibly unique pool of characters. Which are you most similar to? Take the personality quiz below to find out!

(Image Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Which Overwatch 2 DPS Character Are You? Take This Quiz To Find Out Now!

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