The Callisto Protocol Adds a Highly Requested Game Mode But Takes Away a Helpful Glitch
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The Callisto Protocol Adds a Highly Requested Game Mode But Takes Away a Helpful Glitch

Once more with feeling.

A new patch for The Callisto Protocol has been released, and with it, developer Striking Distance Studios finally adds a feature that fans have been requesting. Now players can enjoy the story over again in new game plus if they want to run back through the campaign already fully upgraded.

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As for what new game plus carries over, the patch notes say “all weapons, upgrades, and Callisto Credits can be collected at the first Reforge.” If you want a new run at the horror story but want to be the Terminator, this is the way to do it.

However, this same patch also served to remove a helpful glitch that assisted players with getting The Protocol is About Life trophy/achievement with ease. Before, players could simply reload their final save on the hardest difficulty, bypassing a full playthrough on the hardest difficulty. The inclusion of a new game plus does perhaps make getting this particular difficulty trophy/achievement easier.

It’s possible that those who choose to hold off on downloading and installing the update will still get the opportunity to take advantage of the glitch, as that has never stopped anyone from gaining achievements/trophies before.

The full wording of the patch notes says, “fixed an issue where some users were not correctly granted the “The Protocol is About Life” achievement.” Interestingly, they don’t outright say that it changes the way that players could previously unlock the achievement/trophy easier.

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