It’s Finally Morbin’ Time in Marvel’s Midnight Suns

The Living Vampire finally makes his appearance...

Midnight Suns Morbius Trailer Image via Midnight Suns Twitter

Midnight Suns is continuing down its vampire-centered DLC story, as the game has now finally included the Living Vampire himself, Morbius. While it has been known for quite a while that he would be coming to Marvel’s Midnight Suns, the game surprise dropped the character, meaning that players can take a spin as Morbius starting now.

The hero comes with the game’s third additional story pack, entitled “The Hunger,” where Morbius gets involved in the plot as Dracula comes front and center. Also making her return to the story is the Red Skull’s daughter, Sin, who along with her HYDRA agents, is working for the lord of the Vampyres. It’s unlikely that the story will be wrapped up here, though, as there is still one more planned DLC pack.

Worth noting is that Morbius, like the previous two DLC packs, comes with his own set of cards, along with a new Abbey upgrade, “The Laboratory,” which can change the different playable heroes’ secondary stats.

Morbius is the third DLC character available in Midnight Suns, after the previous releases of Deadpool and Venom, both of whom also added more to not only the story but also to the Abbey. For fans still wanting more characters to make their way into Midnight Suns, you’re in luck as there is one more DLC pack, where the X-Men’s Storm will join the fight. When the weather-controlling mutant will release remains to be seen; however, given the releases of the previous characters, it’s likely that players will get their hands on her as soon as April — but of course, this is just speculation at this point.

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