FIFA 18: How to Do a Driven Shot

How to Do a Driven Shot in FIFA 18

The driven shot was introduced in last year’s iteration of EA Sports’ popular football title and they proved to be a key part of the game. They allowed you to hit a powerful shot past the goalkeeper along the ground, giving them little chance to make a save. The shot type quickly became a go-to tactic for online play and it will likely be just as important in FIFA 18.

To perform a successful driven shot, you’ll want to be somewhere inside the 18-yard box, preferably with a good line of sight to goal. Then, hold the B/ Circle button down as long as you have time to do so, to power up your shot. As your player is about to kick the ball, press the same button again to perform a driven shot. Your player will kick the ball along the ground, while keeping the high amount of power you set with the first press of the shoot button.

Don’t be afraid to put more power into your driven shot than you would with other types of shot in FIFA 18 because the more powerful it is, the more unstoppable it will be. However, be aware that if you do not press shoot the second time, the power of your shot will make it balloon over the bar and into row Z.

Driven shots have been overpowered since they were introduced last year, and they are very useful in the FIFA 18 demo, so be sure to make the most of them in the full game.

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