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Destiny 2 Players Aren’t Happy With the Competitive Division

This needs to be fixed sooner rather than later.

During Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2, a Competitive PvP revamp was introduced for players to partake in. If you played enough, you would earn the famous Legendary Hand Cannon, Rose, as a reward. However, Destiny 2 players are unhappy with everything else regarding the Competitive Division. A recent Reddit post showcases a number of Guardians expressing their displeasure with the playlist.

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Unfortunately, this statement is absolutely correct. Outside of earning the Rose Hand Cannon, which you only need to play a couple of matches for, there is no other loot to be earned from the Competitive Division. Even worse, when you hit the highest rank, Ascendant 1, you don’t earn anything as a reward for your hard work. No emblem, shader, ornament, nothing.

The Competitive Division as a whole needs some adjustments as well. An overwhelming majority of players believe Rift should not be included as a game mode within the Competitive playlist, as it’s more of a niche/fun game mode that only requires a little skill to play. On top of that, Power Level isn’t enforced, meaning players can use powerful Legendary weapons that were previously sunset. A prime example is Revoker, a Legendary Sniper Rifle that can replenish ammo to the gun if you miss a shot.

Overall, it’s clear something needs to change with the Competitive Division, especially in the loot department. Having no loot or incentive to grind to the highest rank should not be permitted, and Bungie needs to add some kind of reward when the upcoming Lightfall DLC releases.

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