Nab the Creepy Amnesia Collection via Humble Bundle for Free Right Now

Two chilling PC games are available for free now.

You’ve probably heard of Amnesia: The Dark Descent before, because it’s widely considered one of the better horror experiences on PC. If you’ve not taken the plunge with the first game or its sequel yet, now’s a great time to do so, because over the next two days, the Amnesia Collection is free via Humble Bundle.

You can grab the games for free from now until 1 PM ET January 27, but keep in mind that you have to take both games if you want them for free. You can’t just select each individually. But you definitely want to get them both. If you enjoy slow, cerebral horror and Lovecraftian storylines, there’s a lot to enjoy in both games. Trust us on this.

If you’re not completely sure, check out the release trailer below for Amnesia: Collection. There’s a collection of some good and disturbing visuals within that may very well creep you out, but in a good way. Don’t worry, you can take it. Then hurry over to Humble Bundle to get your free games.


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