new valorant skins are always being made by Riot Games

Valorant Artist Says “a Ton of Skins” are Worked on at Once, With “Playtests Every week”

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Valorant has pushed the boundaries of in-game cosmetics by producing some of the most elaborate and impressive weapon skins ever seen in an FPS. To produce so many skins all the time, Riot Games In a recent interview conducted by Twinfinite, VFX artist Nicolas Ceriani explained just what a well-oiled machine the development team working on Valorant skins at Riot Games is.

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When asked about how designs are conceptualized, and how many new Valorant skins are being made at any one time, here’s what he said:

“…there are a ton of skins being worked on at the same time, all at different stages. While an animator is giving life to Skin A, a Sound Designer is working on Skin B, and a VFX Artist is perfecting performances on Skin C. It’s also not uncommon to jump between a few tasks on different skinlines depending on priorities. When it comes to brainstorming phases, we have pitch sessions where we bring the team together to explore a bunch of ideas, form teams, and push some concepts a bit.

As we’ve cited in another recent article, Ceriani also explained that the team has “playtest sessions every week fully dedicated to testing new skins.” Although he was tight-lipped when it came to the actual details of any new Valorant skin bundle designs, he left the door open to more of the sequel bundles we’ve seen so much of recently, such as the Reaver and Ion 2.0:

There are skins that we love, players love and meet these criteria, so when the stars align like this, sure, why not? Obviously, I cannot disclose any details on what we’re working on, but we’ve already done it a couple of times already, so we could do it again in the future.

Look out for more snippets from our interview with Nicolas Ceriani throughout this week ahead of its publication in full. You can check out the latest on everything Valorant right on Twinfinite, including our breakdown of the crypto-throwing ranked saga that’s seen Pro City 10-Mans take over North America’s highest elo. Valorant is set to launch a new knife skin to celebrate the upcoming LOCK//IN tournament coming later this month; details here.

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