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Upcoming PSVR Title Fracked Details Important Gameplay Info

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Today the PlayStation Blog has laid out details on the upcoming Fracked, a PSVR title that promises shooting and skiing.

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This PlayStation Blog post about Fracked lays down some important info for all the thrill junkies out there and refers to gameplay as “fast, exhilarating, and accessible,” adding that:

Skiing, running, climbing, base jumping and ziplining are all possible and all happen seamlessly and fluidly. No on-rails gameplay and cinematic cutscenes here, everything is 1:1 and driven by the player’s controls, movements, and actions. Combat is unconstrained too, combining free movement for outflanking foes with 1:1 grabbable cover and tactile weapon reloading.

While that does detail some of the action you can expect, it doesn’t mention story or give a why. While there is information given, it’s in the form of a brief mention that reads:

In Fracked, we’ve cast the player as a hero thrown into the fight. Stuck deep inside a mountain fracking facility the region has been taken over by an army of gun-wielding, interdimensional maniacs known as (you guessed it) the Fracked! As the last hope for the world, you must take them down before it is all too late.

There isn’t a set date for when you can get your hands on (get it? Because VR?) Fracked aside from a promise of “this summer,” but you can keep an eye out with us here on Twinfinite and we’ll update you with any new information.

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