Tower of Fantasy Global Release Date Set for Early August

The next big gacha hit arrives in August.

Tower of Fantasy

Developed by Hotta Games and Level Infinite, Tower of Fantasy is a new shared open-world game that will be free-to-play, with gacha elements. We got to check out the beta earlier this year, and while it does have its rough edges, there’s definitely potential there. The game also finally has an official release date for the global launch, and it’s set for Aug. 11.

Earlier this week, keen-eyed fans noticed that there was some Morse code hidden in a tweet sent out from the game’s official Twitter account, which hinted towards the Aug. 11 release date. The developers have since confirmed via press release that that is the case, which means we only have less than two weeks to go before we’ll finally get to check out the official release.

Tower of Fantasy bears quite a few similarities to Genshin Impact at first glance, but there are many key differences in some of its systems, such as a bigger focus on multiplayer activities (this is basically an MMO, after all) and even a more lenient gacha system. The game has also smashed its pre-registration goals, so there will be plenty of goodies to look forward to when it launches.

Tower of Fantasy is set to be released for PC and mobile devices on Aug. 11, 2022.

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