This Streets of Rage 4 Cosplayer Absolutely Nails Adam Hunter

streets of rage 4 cosplay

Even months after I played through Streets of Rage 4 and had a great time, I’m still a little shook that not only did Streets of Rage 4 actually happen, but it was also actually really, really good! Sega please take note at what happens when you let loose a bit with your IP and let talented developers take a stab at them, OK?

Anyway, with Streets of Rage 4 back in its rightful spot as one of the premiere beat-em-ups, of course cosplayers are going to react with some awesome takes on the game’s popular characters.

This Adam Hunter cosplay by Billy A Dunston, and with photos taken by Lance Allen Reis, is among the best I’ve personally seen so far. Co-developer of Streets of Rage 4, Lizardcube, seems to agree too and shared the work on their Twitter page. Take a look below!

Not only is the Adam Hunter cosplay on point, but it looks like he has some real-life kicking skill as well too. Nicely done!

For more SoR4, check out our fully scored review and also check out this feature from contributor Tony Cocking who, as usual, as a unique take on the where each classic Streets of Rage character should be ranked.

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